Tuesday, September 27, 2011

ML Stewart, Still The Number One Horror / Thriller Writer In The UK.

And you know what the funny thing is? I didn’t intend the FBK to be so gruesome; I just got carried away with myself. It started out as a crime thriller, and then something just took hold of me.

My next Ebook should be ready for release in around two weeks, and no it isn’t FBK3. As a fledgling, experimental and anarchist author, I have to test the market. The next book will be horror / thriller / fantasy / war.  It is set a few years from now, but like the Facebook Killer, deals with very current issues and it is set in the UK.

As of 19:00 Big Ben Time I have a readership of 22,000 people and steadily rising.

Follow on sales of FBK2 from the free edition of FBK1 have risen from 8% to 11% and now stand at 2,050 and rising. I am earning around £60 per day from the royalties. Take off my accountant’s bill and the charges from my offshore accounts and it would make more sense if I telephoned each one of you and personally read you the story, long distance.

Sarah Pearson sent me the comment which was posted on a Daily Mail article about self-publishing. Thanks Sarah, it went like this...

I have been reading kindle books on my pc for about a year now and I must say that many of the "Indie" books are complete tosh, spelling and grammar mistakes abound, but now and again I find some real gems like the Facebook Killer series, it still has mistakes and probably would not pass through an agent but the books like that which are available for free and under £1 make the errors bearable.
- Julia, Cardiff, Wales, 25/9/2011 10:41

ML Stewart says this: (Full of rage) What chance do the rest of us have when these boys who have been to private school together or ex-journalist bum chums can pull a stunt like this?  That article was written by an author who used it as a vehicle to try and punt his own Ebook, shame on the Daily Mail for allowing it. The people he quoted and publicised within said article are probably sitting around a dining table in the Ritz right now, toasting their coup. Well it’s fucking bullshit! These mutherfuckers are trying to control the market but we can’t let it happen. When someone like you or me turn up they try every trick in the book to put us down and regain their crowns. They are old, they are on paper, and they are scared, as are their crumbling agents and prehistoric publishing companies. That’s why they are dipping their toes into the Kindle Pond, in the hope to pay off the pre-recession mortgages on their extravagant (keep up with the Joneses’) apartments.

Rant over but at least we all know where I stand.

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SBJones said...

"Keeping up with the Joneses." It will be a fun day when they are trying to keep up with me.