Thursday, February 21, 2013

'Tales for the Tube' Now Available For Apple Readers.

If you own one of those things Steve Jobs invented, then now's a good time to put it to use.

A collection of five short crime stories from the author of the bestselling "Facebook Killer' trilogy.

In 'Jack and Jill', a husband and wife's lives are torn apart by a neighbour.

Follow 'The Backpacker' as he embarks on the ultimate suicide mission.

'The Blind Snail' sees a badly beaten woman awake from unconsciousness in a darkened house. Help is trying to reach her, but she has no idea where she is.

'The Mysterious Case of the Magically Missing Drugs': Scotland Yard's D.S. Liz Porteous assists an old friend from HM Customs to stop an ingenious drug trafficker.

'The Montgomerys' were the perfect family...until the money ran out. 

25,000 words in total.
100 pages.