Sunday, September 25, 2011

I Know You Are All Dying To Know...

... So let’s talk about the money. How much does a successful author, such as I myself, harvest from these book sales. Bearing in my mind that over the last three weeks my readership has gone from a handful to a large town (or small city if you live in Eastern Russia) Well here is the shocking truth...












Admittedly since the free promotion of FBK1 I have, to date, earned a further £480. So all in all about £500. I owe my accountant £640. Therefore after 3 months hard work (not to mention all of the time taken to actually write the books) I am minus £140. It’s not all glamour and red carpets after all.

I have said this before and I will repeat it again, I’m not in this for the fortune or the fame. Jesus if they asked me to appear on Breakfast TV I would have to wear a balaclava.

As of 5:00 Big Ben Time, the readership is creeping up to 21,000. FBK2 has gone back up to #17 in the UK Thrillers list ( which means it stays on the first page) and is #39 Best Seller in the UK. It just proves, the devil makes work of idle hands.

Now, this is where it begins to get interesting. I am stuck in the thrillers list between several renowned authors, I feel like the mouldy cheese in middle of the Queen’s sandwich, asides that, I predict that the negative reviews will start to pile up now. It’s already happened in fact, the FBK characters were called pathetic, the spelling atrocious blah blah, this review came from the same person that licked the arse of the author one rank above me, in fact both of her books. I smell professional assassins and believe me if anyone knows about them, it’s me. Now I would never threaten anyone with my contacts, shit they even scare me, but let’s play this fair and square before things get nasty. The aforementioned reviewer also tried to pull me down by stating that I made a good attempt to get friends and family to write the 4 and 5 star reviews. If this idiot actually checked my blog or bio he would realise that the only family I have left is in solitary confinement and the only things my “friends” would know to do with a Kindle is steal a truck-load of them. So come on boys and girls out their in Jealousy Land. I’m the underdog here, Christ I slag myself off enough without you jumping on the bandwagon, so play the game, fair and square.

ML Stewart
Licensed holder of an AK-47 machine gun.

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Sarah Pearson said...

On the plus side, there was an article about e-publishing in the Sunday mail and someone said nice things about your books in the comments, so there's that :-)