Friday, May 25, 2012

I'm Going To Prove That Even A Scumbag Like Me Can Write A Bestselling Book

Okay, here's the scenario. FBK3 has only been available to Apple buyers for 24 hours. It just entered the UK Top 100, and went straight into the Mystery & Thriller Charts at #22. I haven't done any self promotion, just a note here or there saying the book is available. As the Lord is my witness, I am going to knock the world's bestseller "Fifty Shades Of Porn" off the top of a chart...any chart, it doesn't matter. It's Christian Grey versus Dermott Madison time. The gloves are off, and I reckon Albert and Norman are going to lend a hand kicking that sick son of a bitch's arse off the number one spot.

I feel the world has had enough of 'mommy porn', it's time for violence and revenge to reenter the global arena. My book doesn't have a boring picture of a tie on its cover. NO! It has a laptop and a man with six arms. I haven't been on Breakfast Television or British radio parading my wares. NO! Because I don't need to. I know what the British book-reading public want, and it's not Fifty Shades Of Porn and a box of Kleenex, it's gratuitous violence, torture, and the incorrect use of semi colons.

Prepare for battle my friends and may the best man win!

Onwards and upwards,