Saturday, July 16, 2011

A Wise Man Once Said...It's easier to sell something to a million people for one dollar than it is to sell something to one man for a million dollars.

...... how full of crap was he? And obviously never published his own book of wise-arse sayings.

DAY 15 of the most time-consuming and frustrating experiment ever conducted on planet Earth, except, perhaps, for the Large Hadron Collider.

Ok, so for the past two weeks, I feel like I have been fishing. Think of the worm as a free book. I cast it into the river and the fish are feeding. I can catch eighteen fish a day. Take off that worm and add a 70p/$0.99 piece of bread and none of the fish want it. My point being? Well as part of the scientific nature of this experiment, I will stop fishing for the next week. Both books are now being retailed for $0.99, at both Smashwords and Kindle. Do I think "distribution" will slow down? If you can call a fly hitting a car windscreen at 150 mph slowing down, then yes. Fear not! I am fully prepared for the mental trauma of my book "sales" being squashed upon the glass of capitalism.

So, until next Saturday, (by which time I may reassess the situation, out of sheer depression) no one gets any free books. Let us see how this transpires. Surely one must think that of the 203 readers who have now downloaded The Facebook Killer, maybe one or two will go on to purchase my other book. Let us see. As of today, I have 232 readers. It will be interesting to see how much that changes, if at all, in a week. When the miserable b******s have to cough up some dosh.

Most of you will remember an earlier blog regarding a certain book which skyrocketed into the top ten when the authors subtitled it (For fans of Dan Brown & Stieg Larsson) which Amazon later removed. Now I vowed I would never stoop so low, but in the interests of scientific-social research I have retitled my books on Kindle, as follows: The Sunday Club: Da Vinci Code meets Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels......The Facebook Serial Killer: Social networking Hannibal Lecter-style.

There is nothing underhand about this, you understand. I only did it ten minutes ago and I am professing to it. To compare my book to the Da Vinci Code is like comparing the Taj Mahal to an igloo. I will be the first to admit, and quote me in the High Court if you like Mr. Brown, I am not fit to scrub your toilet clean after you have downed two bottles of champagne and half a ton of curried prawns. But let us see what the ebook-buying public, who are about to embark on a seven-day holiday and only have 99 cents left on their credit card, have to say about it. More importantly, let us see if Amazon allow the descriptions to stay. Afterall. I am not comparing the books to another style of writing, merely to a storyline. As for Guy Ritchie, well that is a different story.

Quote Of The Day:  "Thank you Mr. Stewart for your submission regarding your blog. I have read it with much interest, however it seems a little early in the day to devote any space to your experiment. Please inform us when you are half way to your goal."  (A well known UK newspaper)

Well folks, that is it in a nutshell.

Once again, thank you all for your support. Especially Dan Brown.

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