Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Good News Folks! I have just received a great offer from an agent.....

..... the bad news is that it's a travel agent, but at least my flight to Russia will only cost £150.

Well, smashwords are still winning the "readership" war against Kindle.

The Facebook Killer : 160.
The Sunday Club stands at 16.
Total readership after 11 days: 181.

   I changed the pricing for Face Book Killer from free to $1.99 and then applied the smashwords coupons to make it free again, this was done in the hope that people may assume they are saving two dollars and getting a free book. It didn't work. Don't bother trying it. The reason? It was removed from the free book section. Sales stopped immediately. When I changed back, this evening, distribution started up again.

    Being in Europe, most of my "sales" occur overnight. Therefore, this evening I will make the Sunday Club a free book for 24 hours and report back with the sales figures tomorrow. My God, all those royalties are going down the drain.

Welcome Australia and Guernsey to my blog.

I have spent the whole day writing and listening to Spanish radio, of which, neither activity I fully comprehend, but the fact remains that they both give me a headache. Therefore, I will cut today's blog short.

Thanks for looking in.
P.S. still waiting for my first review.

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