Tuesday, July 26, 2011

I have now made $5 from my books. Who wants to come to the party?

Please bring your own food and drinks.

I am verging on 300 readers as of Day 22 in the experiment.

Am I happy? Are you impressed? NO, because it's all bollocks. I could start up one hundred accounts tomorrow and push my books up to number one in all of their charts. Would it make any difference? Yes. It would encourage more readers. The sheep. But I would be lying to myself. It would be good for quotes... "The Sunday Club: Voted Number one in HarperCollins Crime Books". On the upside, people are reading the work. I shall not cheat...I shall not cheat... I shall not cheat. Not yet anyway, but when I do, I will give you fair warning, so we can watch the results together and by God, when I cheat, I'm going to do it on a massive scale.

Their have been no other results from the experiment today.

SB Jones wrote: I took your advice and joined Authonomy. I have heard it mentioned several times.

I am curious to see the feedback it provides.

Well SB, I backed your book today. You back mine and we'll see if we can push through the ranks together. I am of the opinion that the reviewers only read the first chapter, if anything at all, I think half of them just rate your book without reading it so as to add to their "score".

Until tomorrow, Good night.

The Sunday Club is ranked number 7 under crime and #140 overall.
The Facebook Killer: Part 1 is the top 5 rated on authomy.com under the crime and horror genres. It is #50 in best-rated for the week (all genres.)

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SBJones said...

I put up 7 chapters. 1-4 and then 16, 20 and 22 if I remember right. The last 3 were all action and I felt better chapters than some of the early scene setting and character building.