Monday, July 25, 2011

There's an old joke...............

..... This man is lying on the beach, he has no arms or legs. A blonde girl walks past and spots him sunbathing, "Oh look at you, you poor thing, have you ever been hugged?" The man shakes his head, so she gives him a hug. Ten minutes later, two ladies are walking past and spot him, "Aah, poor dear, have you ever been kissed?" They ask, again he shakes his head. They bend down and kiss him. An hour later and a woman is walking along the shore when she spots him, "Have you ever been f*cked?" she asks, again he shakes his head, "Well you will be when the tide comes in!" She says.

My point being? I feel a little like that poor man at this point in time. Bobbing along on a ocean of books. I want to wave my hand and get someone's attention. The worst thing is that the wheelchair's getting rusty with all the saltwater.

Fear not! We are only on Day 21 of the experiment. My total readership to date is 281. That's 34 more than this time yesterday. That's more than a quarter of a thousand readers. Dan Brown, watch your arse.

I am still in the Top Million bestsellers.

Authonomy: The Sunday Club jumped 800 ranks from #3709 to #2909. Facebook Killer: Part One jumped 102 places.

On Kindle I am still around #250,000.

What have I learned in the last three weeks of keyboard-pounding?
It is definitely worth having your own blog, but don't spread yourself too thin and repeat yourself on Facebook, Twitter etc.
Don't waste your time joining in all of the author forums, thinking that you're getting your name out there. It's bullshit. Most of them are unemployed housewives with nothing better to do.
Do join authonomy. There are some highly skilled reviewers and literary experts that will kick your books arse. You may not like what they say, but take a step back and listen to the advice. It could be the difference between getting published and remaining at number 21,400,987 on Kindle's Top Trillion.

Thanks for stopping by. I will remember you all when I write my will.

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SBJones said...

I took your advice and joined Authonomy. I have heard it mentioned several times.

I am curious to see the feedback it provides.