Tuesday, August 2, 2011

A pompous ass once said...I don't mean to blow my own trumpet, BUT...

... I have my first reviews! And believe me, they're not from my Aunt Doris or Uncle Donald's dog. These are real reviews from real live people.

"Read the book on Kindle. Love it. A great read and a testament to a very talented author. Great Characters, brilliant, original plot. Not to be missed. Good Job ML"

"Chpt. 1: LOVE the opening line"

"Great story. Your plot begins right here with the letter, his economic circumstances, antique biz, etc. Your style is definately unique. You write the setting like a stage play which I kind of like. The verbs tend to be in the present which is different than most who write in the past tense."

Wow. What can I say? Except that was a brilliant story. Without putting any spoilers in here, the story behind the pub was great, funny as well. Your sense of humour, which you seemed to inject well into the book, is very British. Dry. There were a few points when I laughed out loud. "The joyriders" line and the "funnel" joke. Must admit I thopught it was going to be an all-action male-only book, but you have managed to take me far enough into the characters lives to feel compassionate for their cause. By chapter 15, I wanted them to get away with it. The plot to the robbery itself was an amazing piece of imagination. It hit me hard when I realised the twist and the chapter whjere Ray Troy is being chased by the police had my adrenalin pumping. My only criticism is that I would like to have seen an opening at the end for a sequel. "

"This isn't the sort of book I would usually read but I decided to check it out. I wasn't sure about chapter one, but the plot really takes off in the later chapters and I enjoyed it quite a lot."


"I am very impressed with this. Your voice is unique and the reality of what this man faced is very frightening, made even more so because of the ordinary nature of his lfe before the fire.

You will need an editor, well who doesn't, but don't let them spoil 'your voice' in the pursuit of correctness.

The menace you have created show your mastery of this difficult genre.

Very well done indeed. "

"Omg!! Really damn good. I really cant stop reading. I continued reading it. Really, I have never felt in a way like that.
Very impressive. I think I would read it completely. Very interesting one."

"Backed The Facebook Killer: Part 1: Social networking Hannibal Lecter-style. I took your warning seriously and deleted my Facebook account after reading the first three chapters! Good job of building the tension and developing the madness Madison descends into. "

"Fantastic, Ingenious and the scariest thing of all, it is highly believable. Please finish part 2 ASAP."

And at this point I have run out of breath for blowing the trumpet. Believe it or not, I didn't write any of the above reviews myself.

Tomorrow, I will update you all on my SPAM campaign. 

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SBJones said...

Where did you receive your reviews at? I have gotten 4 so far for my book and all of them are on the Barnes and Noble website. Amazon has sold more than double yet has not received a review yet. One would think there should be a correlation to sales an reviews but so far there has not been in my case.