Sunday, August 14, 2011

London by Candlelight....

what a sad sight.

Now I am not going to bang on about the recent messing around in London and I'm not going to into the full reason for which I was there, but I will say this. If only some of those idiots realised who actually owned the properties which they were setting fire to, they would be on the next plane out of there. I am not talking about the shops which are resident in the buildings, but the actual owners of the bricks and mortar. The very angry men who are going to lose their rent money for a few months, perhaps years? The bad bastards who use these properties for laundering money. The same men who have their own, private CCTV footage of the looters and arsonists, footage which will be studied in the back rooms of nightclubs and the cellars of illegal casinos and never be seen by the police. The same men who ordered numerous doors to be kicked in on known gang leaders whilst their properties burned. These are the men to really fear, not the police or the courts or the prison service. These are the invisible men who, rightly so, will hand out their own form of justice.

I am hastily catching up on statistics, so please be patient. Total readership so far: 420.

The Facebook Killer: Part One has reached number 945 in the Authonomy charts. It is rising around 20 - 30 places per day. When it reaches 700, I will go for a major push to have it backed by the readers.

My SPAM Offensive: A total load of bollocks! I spammed over 500 people and sites with bugger all results apart from getting Spammer's Elbow.

My books on Kindle are selling at the rate of around one a day.

On a stranger note, during my research for the ending of Facebook Killer: Part 2, I have been subjected to some very strange websites. how to and Serial Killer I signed up for the latter but they haven't accepted me as a member...strange. I have also been banned from two further US Christian forums (I didn't even get any quotes... except "Dear ML welcome to our brotherhood and we hope you enjoy your lightened path through this forum) ????

So, all in all, it looks like I may fall short of my half million books by Xmas, but hey! there's time yet.

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