Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Facebook Killer: Brief Update...very brief.

Just a quickie, said the .....

I'll have to be quick today, Albert's throwing a tantrum, and when it involves a red-hot poker, it's best not to upset him any further.

Just a quick note to say FBK3 is now up to 14,000 words and just warming up.

FBK is still hanging around the #300 bestseller on Amazon UK (#2 in horror-thrillers), which isn't too bad after four long months and some speeling misstakes. I've watched (sorry, gloated) as a lot of well-known authors shoot past it just to drop right back down again.

FBK is also still doing well in the Apple charts. #39 in the top 100 after such a length of time is pretty damn good, in my humble opinion. Still top ten in the Apple thriller charts.

Anyway, back to work. No one keeps the rage waiting.

Best regards.

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