Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Holy Shit! It’ll Soon Be Christmas.....

.....Would it be classed as cheating if I converted to Islam?

I have a flight to catch in exactly fifteen hours. I haven’t finished packing. I fired the cleaner and what do I do? I write another bloody blog. Now that’s what that funny little man, who used to play the trumpet would call dedication.

I’ll be brief today because the bitch didn’t even show me how to switch on the vacuum cleaner.

October sales were up on September.

Sept.                  Oct.

FBK2             2587                3024
Sunday Club    140                  180

FBK1 is still free and up to 24,039 downloads from Amazon. Follow through nudging 25%. I am hopeful this will reach 50% by 2093.
Total readership (including Smashwords): 30,558.

The United Kingdom Of Islam is currently at 70,000 words and growing (bang goes the novella idea) I’ve printed out the story so far and will have three days of air travel to proof read it, make any changes and deliver a few fatal paper cuts to the person sitting next to me on the plane. UKI will be out in time for Christmas.

I have been emailing the Facebook Legal Department complaining about the abuse of their name and product in the FBKs but they haven’t replied. I was quite hoping for a nasty email telling me it was an infringement, hence leading to some newspaper coverage, but it’s looking doubtful at the moment. Maybe if Mr. Zuckerface is reading this blog (and I don’t see any reason why a young multi-billionaire wouldn’t be) he will tell his lawyers to do the job that he pays them for?

That’s it for now folks, I have decided to forget about the vacuum cleaner and use a brush instead.

All the best, my loyal band of nothing-better-to-do-with-yourselves-than-read-this-drivellers.

ML Stewart

N.B. The abuv blog has not been proof read, any speeling mistaxe are permanent.

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SBJones said...

I'm not an expert, but I think you are fine. You did not use their logo or anything on the book covers. Names cannot be copy-written and Larry Flynt established with the courts that public figures cannot recover damages for parodies. UK may be different though...