Friday, March 30, 2012

Well, that's it done. All 420 pages of it. Finished, complete, and published. "The Facebook Killer: Part 3 - The Finale" is officially available here ► FBK3 for only 99 pence. I figured if I kept the price down it might sell well and generate even more interest in parts 1 and 2, which are still in the Apple Overall Top 100 after seven months. Let's see.

If you are one of the handful of people who have already bought it (i.e. before Friday 30th March. What you have in fact purchased was the formatting test, which was live for only a couple of hours. It does contain a couple of errors requiring correction, so please return it, then email Amazon customer service and they will send you the final version. I think there were only about twenty people sneaked in there under cover of darkness. That's why I made the official release date Sunday, 1st April.) Okay. That's the disclaimer over and done with. What happens next? Well, I'll tell you...

I've been asked to send a synopsis for my next book to a lovely editor at HarperCollins UK. Will it be accepted? Will I get a book deal after all these months of mental anguish, misspelling and incorrect use of semi-colons-and-hyphens-;;? Who knows? Am I excited? Yes, of course. Did I send a synopsis off the next day, followed by a barrage of emails asking if they had read it yet and where is my multimillion-pound cheque? No. Am I lying awake at night dreaming of red carpets, movie premieres and telling anyone who'll listen that my book would be a much better film than the Starvation Games? No. And why not? Because I'm a realist. The world of the author is like any other. It's a tough business. It's not just talent or ideas. It's about slogging away, day after day. A commitment to something you love, and a desire to progress; to learn the difference between a semi-colon and an anal irrigation procedure. Would I like to see my books on the shelves of W.H. Smith instead of Amazon's bargain bin? Bloody right I would...(Is it a crime to shoplift your own book?)

I'm currently 13% of the way to meeting my goal of delivering 500,000 books to the unsuspecting public by the end of this year. The tally sits at just over 65,000 books so far. For my Apple readers, FBK3 should be available in a week or so on your expensive reading devices.

It's now 1:00 a.m. in Australia so I must say goodnight, until we meet again.

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Sarah Pearson said...

Congratulations on another book, and good luck with the submission.